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The Organic Farm

The farm at JuneBug was organic long before organic farming became trendy. The farmers have been growing vegetables on the property using time tested organic methodology since the 1980's. The farm is still in operation today.

farm field

Back story of the Farm

The farm at JuneBug has been in operation for well over a hundred years. The earliest history we have describes tobacco as the main crop and about 45 year ago John Rowland and his crew began using organic methodology to grow vegetables for sale in local markets. Over the years the produce has been available at GreenLife, Mountain Food Products, Mother Earth, French Broad Co-op and served at various local restaurants. You may have seen veggies grown at JuneBug at local farmers markets as well. 

This year we are going to change things up a bit and shift from growing all vegetables in the big field to growing mostly flowers with a few pumpkins and berries. Charlene's smaller flower field next to the wedding ceremony area has become a favorite by wedding guests and vacationers staying in the campers. Many brides have asked to us the flowers for their wedding arrangements but we have always kept the flowers growing all season so the weddings later in the fall would have a full field of flowers to enjoy. "Why not do both??", we thought. So we will be planting an acre of flowers for use at the weddings and will leave the smaller field of flowers for all to enjoy. Charlene and Melody have been busy planting 15,000 starts in the greenhouse. 

Tom wanted to get in on the farming action too so we have inoculated 800 linear feet of oak and poplar logs with spawn in a newly designated shady cove next to the main farm field. We are calling it "Shiitake Holler" and will be growing Lions Mane, Black Poplar, three different types of Shiitake and three different types of Oyster mushrooms. We hope to see them fruit in about 6 months. 

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