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The Organic Farm

The farm at JuneBug was organic long before organic farming became trendy. The farmers have been growing vegetables on the property using time tested organic methodology since the 1980's. The farm is still in operation today.

farm field

Back story of the Farm

The farm at JuneBug has been in operation for well over a hundred years. The earliest history we have describes tobacco as the main crop. About 45 year ago John Rowland and his crew began using organic methodology to grow vegetables for sale in local markets. Over the years the produce has been available at GreenLife, Mountain Food Products, Mother Earth, French Broad Co-op and served at various local restaurants. You may have seen veggies grown at JuneBug at local farmers markets as well. 

This year we are going to change things up a bit (again!) and grow vegetables for toppings on pizzas for the new JuneBug pizza oven! Imagine a world where you can be eating food and actually see where it came from! Its uncommon these days. Most of the veggies you buy in chain grocery stores did more traveling this year than you have:) We plan to stagger the starts and plantings to maximize the yeild of peppers, onions, tomatoes and such when needed for the pizza oven. We will also have to supplement from other local farms.   

Also as you may know, we have over 1,000 linear feet of innoculated trees that produce mushrooms. We call it "Shiitake Holler." We have learned how to "force friut" the logs to produce mushrooms when we need them (no mushrooms are harmed in the process despite the name).

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