The Organic Farm

The farm at JuneBug was organic long before organic farming became trendy. The farmers have been growing vegetables on the property using time tested organic methodology since the 1980's. The farm is still in operation today.

farm field

Back story of the Farm

JuneBug is in the business of making wedding and vacation dreams come true. Now we are going to use the farm to make other dreams become reality. This year we will be donating the use of our farm space to a wonderful family with big dreams of starting a homestead using sustainable farming. Introducing Kyle, Athena, Adeline and Josie   See link to connect you to their produce. 

We put an ad in craigslist looking some people that could help us with farm work/landscaping in the spring of 2019 and received a lot of interest. One person had a masters degree in engineering and a dream of starting a homestead with his wife but no farming experience. We declined since we really needed experienced workers to hit the ground running during spring planting season. We hired two people but one didn’t work out after a few weeks. The engineer kept calling back and expressing interest. Charlene told me that she had a good feeling about him and that we’ve always said, “ambition and attitude” are the two best qualities in an employee. He definitely was exhibiting both. After much discussion we decided to give him (Kyle) a chance. He showed up with boots and gloves (you’d be surprised how many employees show up to work their first day without proper work attire). Shortly after Kyle started, we met his wife Athena (who is a nurse) and daughter Adeline and fell in love with them and their fantastic dream. Just around that time, wedding season arrived and there was no way to do everything. So we decided to focus Charlene (and Tom's occasional free weekends) on the core businesses of weddings and vacation rentals. After seeing all of the passion Kyle and Athena poured into the farm, we decided to let them take over all of our plantings and sell the produce at a local farmers market. We’re suckers for people with big dreams, especially people that are not afraid to work hard in their pursuit of happiness. We are meeting regularly and getting coordinated for 2020.

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