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JuneBug Asheville owners Tom and Charlene Pagano

Come Visit Us !

If you have followed along with our story at all you know that we got the "for worse" part of our vows out of the way even before we were married. Try planning your wedding while building your own wedding venue. I would advise against it. 

Our big day was June 17, 2017 and it was the most magical day ever. All of the hard work really paid off! 


Charlene left her paralegal job of 14 years to run the day to day operations and focus on building the business. JuneBug hosted 60 weddings in six months in 2021. As a result, Tom retired in January of 2022 after 20 years as a Medical Affairs Researcher in the biotech industry and is also focusing on JuneBug fulltime

We're probably a little biased but we believe that we have created the ultimate vacation/event space. Drop by and see for yourselves! We live in North Asheville and have two teenage daughters who still can't figure the whole thing out.

Our Story

We love to impress, inspire and entertain people by giving them unique experiences. For several years now we have been collecting mid-century campers and travel trailers and have been designing and building the perfect property for creating new memories of the past. All of our vintage campers have been meticulously restored by Scott Whitmire with Retro-Modern Camper Restoration. 

Our original vision was to create a vacation space to put people back in the 50's but in the midst of all this, we got engaged (South of France, castle wall ...blah blah blah) and decided to get married at JuneBug.

Our vision then shifted to include creating the ultimate wedding venue/event space in addition to being a vacation destination.

JuneBug Asheville owners Tom and Charlene Pagano

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